Known professionally by his “maiden name” of Keir Thomas, Keir Thomas-Bryant is a British writer and editor.

Journalism, editing, online content creation, technical authoring, publishing… If it involves words in a professional context then, if you can name it, he’s done it across two decades working in publishing. He continues to seek-out exciting new opportunities to utilise his talent, experience, creativity and skills. 

For detailed information see his LinkedIn profile but some career highlights are...


  • He is not, to the best of his knowledge, the collegiate (American) football player of the same name;
  • He has a first class BA (Hons) Creative Arts degree from the University of Glamorgan although the course no longer exists and nor does the university (it was swallowed up by a larger one);
  • He is the only journalist in existence to have written articles for both Viz comic and The People’s Friend (not the same article);
  • His work has been translated into German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Polish and other languages, although his spouse wishes somebody would translate what he says into proper English; 
  • He has been vegan for a decade so thanks to cellular regeneration his body is now constructed entirely from vegetation;
  • One novel he wrote was rejected by every single one of the UK’s literary agents. That’s around 100 reject letters/emails. Being able to make such a claim took effort yet he still thinks the novel is pretty good and continues to write fiction.

Getting in touch: 

His email address is a k, on its own, followed by the usual at sign, and then the web address above (without the http:// and www. bits, obviously). So if this site were www.example.com, it’d be k@example.com. Got it? Just email if you’re confused. No, hang on. Erm, maybe try clanking morse code on the water pipes? 

Cat tax:

A few years ago one of his familial cats, Sacha, made it onto I Can Has Cheezburger’s front page. This is reproduced below. What a clever cat! Note: To avoid accusations of favouritism, a picture of his handsome brother Sylvester is reproduced here too. 

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